BioNews Services was founded on the principle that its content, aimed exclusively at rare disease communities, would consistently maintain the highest standards for accuracy, ethical reporting, and relevancy. To ensure those standards are met, the service has built a global network of professionals, including:

  • PhD-level scientists who research, fact-check, and write about developments and issues relating to each of the scores of rare diseases covered.
  • Veteran and award-winning editors and reporters who report and edit content to meet the highest journalistic standards.
  • A team of talented patient columnists who are coping with specific rare diseases and provide richly personal and relevant insights.

Taken as a whole, BNS provides quality and quantity, as well as depth and immediacy, unavailable from any other single source.  Since its inception, the service has aggressively pursued content to illuminate the plight of rare disease patients and those who care for them.

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