The syndication and licensing division of BioNews Services produces quarterly themed special reports each year to help BNS clients expand the audiences they serve and drive incremental advertising.

Each special report is designed to support a standalone print section, special coverage pages within a publication (newspaper, magazine, journal, etc.), or a deep digital vertical. They can also be used across social media platforms or in multi-part digital or print series.

These themed reports explore in depth a compelling issue, major news event, or rare disease trend that affects wide groups of readers. And the topics and depth of content support a number of avenues to generate advertising and sponsorship revenue in both print and digital arenas.

In virtually every market, healthcare sector advertising is a significant chunk of the revenue pie. These reports will drive tiers of advertising potential to serve that market and others, including display, multi-platform digital, sponsorships, print/digital bundled packages, social media, and more.

Each special report includes multiple stories, columns, Q&As, graphics, photos, and layers of resource information. Senior editors choose the topics based on measured reader interest in the topic (SEO, readership, social media activity, etc.) during the year, appeal to broad audiences, and its overall importance.

For example, the global spread of COVID-19 is one of the most significant stories in decades. The BNS COVID-19 module produces scores of stories, columns, interactive features, and news alerts to provide in-depth coverage of how the coronavirus affects rare disease patients, their healthcare providers, and family members.

Other examples of themed special reports include: cannabis and rare diseases, major drug approvals, the critical role of community support groups, Rare Disease Day, treatment trends, medical conferences, and others.

Each July, BNS announces the special report quarterly schedule for the next 12 months, allowing adequate time to develop advertising sales strategies and any localization of the content. For each, a detailed description is provided, along with the reasoning for choosing each topic.

Special reports are included in full-service contracts. Otherwise, the four reports can be licensed and purchased as a separate package.

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