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The depth and multi-platform nature of the quarterly special reports produced by BioNews Services Syndication and Licensing division will provide layers of advertising opportunities across print, digital, social media, and other vehicles.

Our special reports are designed to explore a compelling issue, major news event, or rare disease trend in depth. That means news and analysis stories, Q&As, columns by our team of patient columnists, reader/patient interactive features, interviews with leaders in rare disease medicine, graphics and illustrations, and deep reservoirs of resource information.

For example, the global spread of COVID-19 is one of the most significant stories of the past century and its impact on the rare disease population has been immeasurable. Our COVID-19 module produces scores of stories, columns, interactive features, and news alerts to provide in-depth coverage on how the coronavirus affects rare disease patients, their healthcare providers, and family members.

Special report subscribers are able to use our highly respected, turnkey content to assemble verticals online, special sections, or series in print and across all social media platforms — driving sustained revenue streams.

Other examples of single-topic special reports include: cannabis and rare diseases, major drug approvals, the critical role of community support groups, Rare Disease Day, treatment trends, medical conferences, and others.

In the years since its inception, BNS has evolved into a major, highly respected health and science news organization providing authoritative, trusted coverage of more than 60 diseases, many of which are rare. The service’s team of seasoned journalists, PhD research scientists, and patient columnists provide compelling, essential multi-tiered coverage that will drive audience in your market.

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