The licensing and syndication division of BNS is designed to serve the news and information needs of digital, magazine, academic, medical, newspaper, mobile, broadcast, and other print and digital publications with a vested interest in covering rare diseases and using BNS content to drive audience and incremental advertising revenue.

Based on client needs, contractual agreements are crafted to stipulate the terms of access and rights to BNS content based on three different types of service — full access, quarterly special reports or select product use. All BNS content is original and copyrighted.

Each agreement will include these basic conditions:

  • BNS licensing contracts ensure the service is not granted to any competitor of the primary client.
  • Licensed clients of BNS Syndication and Licensing can use the content specified in their agreement for use across all print, digital, and social media platforms operated by the client.
  • Under no circumstances can the client reuse or resell BNS content to other media or outlets not specified in the contract.
  • BNS requires all content be published with byline and tagline specifications, as detailed in the contract, crediting BNS.
  • BNS is responsible for managing the legal oversight of all content uses covered in the contract. Our content is fully original, and BNS ensures and takes responsibility for licensing copyright-protected content, unless altered, edited, or otherwise revised by the client, as specified in the contract.

Finally, contracted BNS content is priced to scale. Within the procedural and legal parameters specified above, BNS negotiates fees based on the prospective media’s audience size (circulation, digital metrics, social media reach, etc.) and ability to position BNS content to drive increased monetization and audience.  

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