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Registered organizations of and their designated authorized users may use their company’s log-on credentials to access BioNews Services content, including archived stories and columns, for use in the print, digital, and social media/other platforms identified in the legal agreement.
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All BioNews Services stories and columns must be republished with the following byline and tagline attribution: Author’s name, BioNews Services and the tagline at the end of each content download. For example:

By John Smith

BioNews Services

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All licensed BioNews Services content may be archived and re-used as frequently as needed across the licensee’s specified platforms and products.
All BioNews Services columns run with logos but it is not required that these run. It is required that the column name be maintained.
While all BioNews Services content may be edited, it is expected that editing will be minimal and avoid altering quotes, attribution or straightforward facts.
All photos/illustrations/graphics must publish with the captions and/or captions as downloaded.

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