Chris Comish, CEO and Publisher:

Chris developed the BioNews Services concept as a way to leverage digital news and information content to reach and connect with rare disease populations that had little to no access to fresh, accurate, and authoritative information about their disease online. His vision has fueled the rapid growth and maturation of BNS, which today covers more than 60 rare diseases and produces multi-platform content reaching not only patients, but their families, friends, healthcare providers, support groups, businesses, and others. Chris built a powerful strategic model that unearthed an enormous global audience eager for the quality and depth of the content BNS produces. And his leadership has attracted stellar talent to help make his vision a reality. The BNS team is packed with seasoned, award-winning journalists, PhD-level research scientists, columnists who live with the rare diseases they cover, and social and multimedia content producers with a proven track records of success and innovation.

Mike Nace, President:

Mike has been closely associated with BioNews since its inception, helping Founder and CEO Chris Comish to create the operational structure to meet his  vision for the company. Throughout the course of BioNews’ development, Mike has guided the creation of virtually every role in the company, from content creators and editors to managers and directors, helping to craft scalable organizational frameworks and work processes, as well as the design support needed to accommodate BioNews’ multichannel, multicontent operation. As president of BioNews, Mike empowers the company’s talented, passionate team of business professionals, scientists, journalists, and patient advocates to maximize their service and outreach to patients, families, and caregivers.

Kellie Benn, Editor-in-Chief:

Kellie started out as a copy editor with BioNews Services in February 2018 and now serves as the editor-in-chief for the organization. She had previously worked for a variety of newspapers as a copy editor, working her way up to deputy night editor at a regional newspaper in Virginia. She is an Army veteran and served for eight years as a Russian linguist. After leaving the service, she went on to graduate from Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas, with a bachelor’s degree in communication and Russian. Her interest in and experience with the Russian language led her to a Fulbright fellowship in 2012, awarding her the opportunity to spend an academic year in Oryol, Russia, teaching English to university students.

Frank LaRosa, VP of Human Resources:

Frank has over 20 years of experience leading human resources in both the private and public sector, and in international industries. He is an organization transformation professional helping companies grow, transform, and improve bottom-line performance through effective professional leadership practices. He is widely recognized as a strategic partner with a passion for culture, leadership, winning results, and employee growth. He has been involved in numerous strategic business decisions, and led six companies through corporate-wide turnarounds/transformations. Frank joined BNS in early 2020 and has since built innovative systems for planning, accountability and incremental growth across a company with a unique, highly skilled, and professional workforce located in numerous countries.