Taken as a whole, BioNews Services provides quality and quantity, as well as depth and immediacy, unavailable from any other single source. Since its inception, the service has aggressively pursued content to illuminate the plight of rare disease patients and those who care for them.

Rare disease patients, and the many layers of family, community, and medical care on which they rely, signals a significant audience segment. And because the content they need is a matter of quality of life and, in some cases, life or death, they and their peripheral audience groups are intense consumers of news and information — and advertising.

Covering more than 60 diseases, many of which are rare, our special reports will provide vital, essential coverage. BNS staff research scientists, reporters, and editors produce stories covering drug trials and approvals; research findings; issues affecting caregivers; treatment developments; FDA actions; social and cultural trends related to coping with rare diseases; and legislative issues that affect patient well-being.

In each special report, when you license the content, you can shape it, repurpose it, and deliver it across multiple platforms. Localize the content for your market. Use sponsorship and other advertising platforms to further deepen the connection between you and the communities you serve. Create themed special sections or digital portals.

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