BioNews Services covers more than 60 diseases, most of which are rare. Its global team of staff research scientists, reporters, and editors produce multi-platform content covering drug trials and approvals; research findings; issues affecting caregivers; treatment developments; FDA actions; social and cultural trends related to coping with rare diseases; and legislative issues that affect patient well-being.

In addition to the core editorial team, BNS content is augmented and richly humanized by a team of columnists. Each columnist either lives with a rare disease or cares for someone who does. They share thoughtful, personal insights into their daily lives and cover a full span of issues that affect the disease they’re living with.

And when major news breaks, as it has with the COVID-19 pandemic, BNS uses all its resources to provide multidimensional, in-depth coveragenews stories, analyses, columns, Q&As, in-depth interviews with leading experts, nuts-and-bolts resource information, and graphics.

In addition to extensive daily coverage, the service also produces quarterly special reports dedicated to covering high-profile topics in the news, ranging from major drug approvals affecting millions, advances or setbacks in research, public health emergencies, the spread of specific diseases, and much more.

A daily news digest, which is updated throughout the news cycle, helps front-line editors and content managers prioritize content quickly and efficiently. Further, all BioNews Services content is thoroughly fact-checked, edited, and proofread.

Finally, a portfolio of newsletters dedicated to specific diseases adds value and potential incremental advertising opportunities for service clients.

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