BioNews Services was founded on the idea that patients of rare diseases, and the medical, business, and community support systems on which they rely, were deprived of access to reliable news and information to help them lead better lives.

That idea was shaped into a principle: serve the rare disease community by providing timely, well-researched, and verified content and services that empower patients to understand the full scope of their illness and any and all options for how to help them cope, survive, and even thrive.

The idea and the principle that drive BNS are not only inspiring and enriching, they provides the foundation for a sound business model.

There are an estimated 30 million Americans and 400 million people worldwide living with a rare disease. If the global population of rare disease patients were its own nation, it would be the third largest country in the world.

For each of these individuals with rare disease, a vast number of others are directly affected — family members, friends, healthcare providers, support groups, businesses, and many others. BNS content is especially geared toward addressing each of these groups. And for each segment, the potential to build audience and evolve incremental, premium advertising revenue is robust by any standard.

On the revenue front, healthcare and medical brand advertising is multi-tiered, sustainable, and draws from a wide range of sources.

From print/digital advertising bundles, to sponsorship and aggressive display campaigns, supporting BNS content with targeting advertising will unearth new, ample advertising opportunities in your markets and across varied products and platforms.

Contact us. Our market analysts will provide the actionable, data-supported information you need to build incremental advertising models with BNS content.

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