Welcome to BioNews Services, a leading provider of expansive, trusted coverage of rare diseases delivered with unmatched accuracy, depth, and immediacy.

There are an estimated 30 million Americans and 400 million people worldwide living with a rare disease. If the global population of rare disease patients was its own nation, it would be the third-largest country in the world. For each of these individuals, a vast number of others are directly affected — family members, friends, healthcare providers, support groups, businesses, and many others.

Despite the enormity of the potential audience for rare disease news and information, it was not until BNS was formed in 2013 that essential, meaningful daily coverage became available.

In the years since its inception, BNS has evolved into a major, highly respected health and science news organization providing authoritative, trusted coverage of more than 60 diseases, most of which are rare. The service’s team of seasoned journalists, PhD research scientists, and patient columnists provide compelling, essential multi-tiered content. The rapid success of BNS is rooted in a proven strategic model. And that model can be shaped to drive significant increases in audience and unearth incremental advertising channels in virtually any market with content that makes a difference in the lives of rare disease patients and their families, healthcare providers, support services, and community.

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