Watch Your Eyes; Problems May Crop Up

Watch Your Eyes; Problems May Crop Up
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Through the Fog

Did you know that our eyes have six main muscles  that control their movement? Because fibromyalgia, by its very nature, is comprised of widespread musculoskeletal pain, it stands to reason that the muscles of our eyes also can be affected. Some of the ways that your eyes can be affected are:

Pain: The cause of pain can be the result of dry eyes. If that affects you, perhaps your ophthalmologist can suggest some good lubricating eye drops. I know that has helped tremendously with the pain I experience. You also should make sure you’re not dealing with a scratched cornea.
Headaches: Cluster headaches cause pain usually behind one eye. They also affect that side of your head. Fatigue may make them worse. Migraines are another type of headache that affects your eyes. They cause you to experience more pain in the presence of light. A dark, quiet room usually will help you get through this.
Light sensitivity: Natural sunlight doesn’t seem to be as much of an issue, although it’s a good idea to wear sunglasses when you’re out in the sun. I find that indoor lighting causes my eyes to be uncomfortable and at times painful. The glare of headlights after dark can prevent you from comfortably driving at night.
Blurriness: Especially when we’re tired or have been looking at screens too long, our vision can become blurry. Sometimes the blurriness might mean you need glasses, or if you already have glasses, you may need a new prescription. Closing your eyes for a while to give them rest and indulging in an audio book or quiet music can really help.
Shift of focus: For me, when I’m watching TV and they’re panning across a scene too fast, for example, I have to close my eyes because it makes me feel nauseated. It’s also what keeps me from going on rides that I used to enjoy at the fair. It’s basically anything in your line of vision that moves or changes too rapidly. Actually, even if the scene is just moving, I can’t seem to focus until the moving stops. I can’t watch some gifs or other ad images that have quick, repetitive movements.

Lack of sleep, fatigue, stress and anxiety can cause these symptoms to increase in severity, the same way it affects all your other fibromyalgia symptoms and the severity of them. Do you experience eye symptoms? Have you found things that have helped you that you’d like to share?


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