Comedian With Muscular Dystrophy Discusses Jokes, Dating and Sex

Comedian With Muscular Dystrophy Discusses Jokes, Dating and Sex
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In this video from Gawker, Rich Juzwiak talks to comedian Steve Way about how having muscular dystrophy affects his life and how it impacts his comedy.

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Way talks about the misconceptions people have about him and how they often assume that he can’t talk. He explains that dating is difficult, not only to find someone to date but the logistics involved in getting to the date. He met his current girlfriend on Tinder and she is accepting both of his disability but also of what is required of her as his caregiver.

When it comes to his comedy routine, Way uses his muscular dystrophy as his main topic, often making light of some of the difficulties he faces. He hopes to raise awareness of the disease and to show others that just because he has muscular dystrophy, that doesn’t mean he can’t enjoy life and tell jokes.

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