Gratitude Changes Our Perspective

Gratitude Changes Our Perspective
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Through the Fog
It’s so easy to be overcome by all the negative things about fibromyalgia. Our symptoms scream for attention every day. Sometimes it is important to learn how to quiet those negative thoughts a bit by choosing to be thankful for the good things.

As Thanksgiving approaches, this is a good time to focus on some of the things I am thankful for.


A good support system is worth its weight in gold. Perhaps that’s a spouse, a close friend, a child, or someone you met in a group online. You could even consider asking a few people who would be willing to be a part of your support “team” — people you can count on to be able to vent, bounce off ideas, or receive notes of encouragement.


I know many of us have fur babies who are awesome companions and comfort us on bad days. Pets can help you feel less alone, provide a sense of purpose, and give you the joy of their companionship. It’s amazing how they can know when we’re having a tough day as they stay close to us, letting us know we’re not alone in our suffering.


It’s good to be grateful for all the things we perhaps take for granted. Things like a roof over over our heads, food and water, indoor plumbing, access to the internet, clothes to wear, and a TV where we can binge-watch our favorite series and movies. It’s a great idea to keep a gratitude journal. It will help lift your spirits as you re-read those words you’ve written on not-so-good days. You can purchase a gratitude journal, like The Simple Abundance Journal Of Gratitude, or you can use a notebook to jot down your ideas. Just write down two to five things you’re thankful for at the end of the day. Maybe it’s a warm bed, or the fact that the day is over.

I certainly don’t advocate living in denial or getting lost in self-pity. I believe we would be healthier emotionally, mentally and spiritually if we took the time to see the things and people around us with a thankful heart. I’m thankful for everything I’ve gone through in my life, including fibromyalgia, because that has made me who I am today. I am better able to empathize with those who are hurting and I’ve learned to give myself grace as I go through this journey.

I’m thankful for this community and for the privilege of writing this column. I would love to hear your thoughts! Please share this with anyone you believe could benefit.


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