Parents of Baby With SMA in Court Battle to Save His Life

Parents of Baby With SMA in Court Battle to Save His Life
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The world’s media has been concentrating on the case of young Charlie Gard, an 11-month-old baby from England with a rare form of mitochondrial depletion syndrome and his parent’s High Court battle to allow him to travel to the U.S. to undergo experimental treatment. But Charlie’s parents are not the only ones in England who are fighting the system to allow their child to live.

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Just 60 miles north of London, Frank Musslewhite and Danielle Manuel are fighting to save their young son who has severe spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) and has been in hospital under continuous care since his birth in April.

According to a report on, the parents were devastated to discover that the hospital had applied to the High Court to be able to switch off his life support and discontinue care, which was granted.

Baby Rimari, cannot swallow or breathe unaided and requires round-the-clock ventilation. Doctors say that it’s unlikely Rimari will reach his first birthday. However, the couple feels that Rimari’s condition is not understood well enough by doctors at the Northampton General Hospital and have been told by experts in the U.S. that their son could live into his twenties with the right care and treatment. The couple is now trying to raise funds to fight the court’s decision.

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